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Born Learning
Born Learning
Born LearningIt's not flashcards and fancy educational toys that build strong brain architecture. Studies prove that loving, nurturing relationships and everyday experiences matter most.

To help parents and caregivers make the most of teaching and nurturing their child, United Way of Northeast Florida offers free, interactive workshops as part of the national, Born Learning public engagement campaign. These workshops help parents, grandparents, and other caregivers explore ways to enhance their child's development. We provide parent education workshops that are easy to understand, simple, fun and interactive. All parents are eligible to participate, including those who have been court ordered to attend a parenting class (we are DCF certified), parents with disabilities, and those with low literacy levels. We provide information on the stages of development, nutrition, attachment, early literacy, and the importance of fathers. In addition, child development topics including, feeding to thrive, weaning, separation, discipline, effective communication, and how children learn are also included.

Born Learning Workshops
  • Ages & Stages – Address growth and development, language, motor and social. We provide milestone information and teach parents skills to facilitate healthy growth and development. Born Learning
  • Learning On The Go – Guides parent to simple everyday activities that they can do to teach their children when they are out and about. Requiring no special skill, parents can guide literacy development simply by playing games like laundry basketball and I Spy.
  • Dads are Different – Helping parents understand the importance of a father in a child's life. Fathers help children develop confidence, empathy, and provide excellent clues for gross motor development.
  • Effective Discipline – Helps parents define discipline (to teach, to train, to guide) and identify age appropriate discipline methods. Provides simple methods to direct and guide the child toward appropriate behavior.Born Learning
  • Playing the Games – Children learn by playing. Children develop their intellect by using imagination and creativity; it is not flashcards and expensive electronics that develop the intellect, rather it's play that involves imagination, creativity and a caring adult.
  • Fun with Food and Fitness – Guides parents to understand and provide nutritious meals (on a budget) and ways to encourage healthy eating. The workshop teaches parents how to get their children active and moving and how much physical activity they need each day.
  • Effective Communication – Guides parents to communication techniques that young children can follow and respond effectively to.
  • Infant & Toddler Safety – Guides parents to create a safe environment for young children to safely explore their world.
  • Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention – Guides parents throught the state abuse & neglect statutes. By understanding what's expected, we reduce the incidence of child abuse.

Be sure to visit the national Born Learning website to:
  • Get quick tips for everyday learning
  • Learn more about learning
  • Read about the ages & stages of child learning
  • Understand your role in your child’s development
  • Learn about the impact of nutrition on learning

To find out more about Born Learning contact George Robinson, Born Learning Coordinator, at 904-390-3225 or email georger@uwnefl.org