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Success Stories



Quality early-learning develops the building blocks for success in elementary school. Research has shown that children receiving high quality childcare are more likely to succeed academically, socially and financially later in life. When 4-year-old Ashton started a Success By 6 early learning program last year, he had a difficult time concentrating on tasks and playing with other children. Instead, he would hide under desks and barely spoke to anyone. Through United Way’s Success By 6 program, Ashton’s teachers worked one-on-one with him, strengthening his social skills and teaching him how to verbalize questions in class. Today, he is more confident in his interactions with other children and is an active participant in the classroom.  



Sara’s family struggled to pay their rent and keep their lights on. With the help from a United Way-funded agency, they were able to get caught up with their payments and received financial planning advice for the future. As a way to give back, Sara decided she wanted to volunteer with the agency’s after-school program. Once she finishes her homework, she helps the staff and students with tutoring, snacks and planning outdoor games. For fifteen-year-old Sara, the agency’s community center became a home away from home. “Working with mostly at-risk youth, Sara always makes these children feel like they can conquer the world,” says Tammy Seymour, Program Director. “When she‘s not around, her presence is missed.”  



Because she lives alone, Rosa and her family were concerned about her recovery after being released from the hospital. She tires easily while taking care of her daily needs and has difficulty standing in the shower. After her finding out the cost of a shower chair wouldn’t be covered by her policy, she began to lose hope. With the help of a United Way-funded program focused on providing seniors with home care services during the critical time following discharge, Rosa received a new shower chair, personal care assistance and home-delivered meals. With the services set up through her elder care advocate, she felt more comfortable returning to her apartment. “It’s a true blessing for me and my family,” she said.