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Achievers For Life

Change a Student’s Life

The United Way Achievers for Life Program Needs MENTORS

The Achievers for Life Program provides support to 6th grade students who are at risk of failing academically. Currently the program assists students at Arlington, Fort Caroline, Eugene Butler, Highlands, Jean Ribault, JEB Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Matthew Gilbert and Northwestern middle schools.

The program identifies obstacles that prevent parents from being involved in their student’s academic lives and provides support to both students and their families with access to social services and focused academic assistance.

Each family and student receives services and guidance from a Family Advocate, Achievement Advocate and a caring mentor.

Why Mentoring?
One of every three Northeast Florida public school students do not graduate on time. However, research has shown that mentored students are:
  • More likely to stay in school and aspire to better grades, with 52% less likely to skip school
  • 46% less likely to get into drugs
  • 27% less likely to begin using alcohol

What’s the Process For Becoming a Mentor?
  • Complete required background screenings
  • Attend mentor training sessions
  • Mentor is matched with a student of like interests
  • Meet once a week on school campus with your mentee
  • Mentors receive ongoing support from social service professionals
For more information, please contact Charis Scurry

Read about how these Northeast Florida mentors are changing students' lives:
Marcus   |   Maren   |   Craig     * All articles are from The Florida Times-Union
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Volunteers interested in becoming a mentor are asked to meet with a middle school student one hour each week for one academic year at the child’s school during or after school hours. Mentors are a trusted friend, guide, and reliable adult for the students they mentor. School-based mentor activities include tutoring, goal setting, playing games/sports, or just engaging the child in conversation. To sign up for a mentor training session or for more information, please or email us with your questions.