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Achievers For Life

Achievers For Life United Way's Achievers for Life is a community initiative focused on dropout prevention, targeting 6th grade students who are at risk for academic failure. Components include quality mentoring and counseling for students, support services for families, as well as activities to help principals increase families’ engagement at school. Achievers for Life addresses the challenges associated with keeping students on track for high school graduation.

Born Learning

Born Learning United Way of Northeast Florida offers free, interactive workshops as part of the national, Born Learning public engagement campaign. These workshops help parents, grandparents, and other caregivers explore ways to enhance their child’s development.

Full Service Schools

Full Service Schools

Full Service Schools is a neighborhood-governed educational and social service collaboration designed to help families and students. The goal of the collaboration is to address the social needs of students thereby allowing them to be more successful in the classroom.

Life: Act 2

Life: Act 2

Life: Act 2 is a community collaboration that enhances services for frail seniors and promotes a shift in the way Northeast Florida views and values senior citizens.


RealSense A community coalition of companies, agencies, government, educational, non-profit, and other organizations. Real$ense is focused on increasing the prosperity of our community by increasing the financial stability of each of our citizens.

Success By 6

Success By 6 Success By 6 offers two-year early education grants to hardworking families who earn too much to qualify for state subsidies, providing them access to high-quality early-learning care for their children.

United Way 2-1-1

2-1-1 United Way 2-1-1 is a 24-hour, 7 days a week, WEB-based and telephone community information and referral service covering nine counties throughout Northeast Florida. 2-1-1 meets Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) standards and is certified by the American Association of Suicidology.