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Volunteer for Resource Management

Resource Management Team Member

This is an Outline of Your Responsibilities
Download the Resource Management Volunteer ProfileAs a Resource Management volunteer, you will carry out United Way’s stewardship role on behalf of our contributors. Here’s what that will involve:
  1. Get to know your colleagues on your team.
  2. Understand the importance of your stewardship role.
  3. Familiarize yourself with each agency assigned to your team by reviewing the agency applications online in e-C Impact.
  4. Use United Way staff as a resource.
  5. Understand that non-profits vary from businesses, and that each non-profit ranges in size and sophistication.
  6. Understand and be familiar with United Way’s mission: “To unite people and resources in building a stronger and healthier community” as well as the purpose of Resource Management and the principle of continuous improvement.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the Quality of Life report produced by the Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI). This document contains information regarding the areas that coincide with your Resource Management team.
  8. Read and review all materials provided to you prior to meeting with your Resource Management team and attending agency site visits.
  9. Make sure that all meetings related to your team are on your calendar and alert United Way staff of emerging conflicts.
  10. Attend all meetings of your Resource Management team. It is important that volunteers be punctual and stay for the required amount of time.
  11. If applicable be prepared to brief your team members on the advance team site visit prior to the agency site visit.
  12. Be prepared for an agency site visit by:
    • Reading the agency’s program application, budget information and staff analysis before the site visit.
    • Calling your United Way staff person if you have any questions or concerns about any materials.
    • Attending all agency site visits (voting privileges regarding a particular agency/program are contingent upon having attended the site visit).
    • Taking notes on each agency for your own reference.
    • Clarifying your concerns by asking questions of the agency in a non-confrontational manner.
    • Clarifying issues regarding the agency by meeting with the Resource Management team immediately following the site visit.
  13. Be prepared for the final wrap-up meeting by:
    • Reviewing your notes from the agency site visits and other summaries provided to you before the wrap-up to refresh your memory.
    • Participating in discussions about the agency programs and potential funding levels.
    • Being open to hearing all views and perspectives from your colleagues.
    • Formulating funding recommendations; in doing so, it is important that Resource Management team members:
      • Use funding criteria established by the Resource Management Cabinet;
      • Base funding recommendations on factual information and data;
      • Vote on program funding levels for each agency assigned to the team;
      • Participate in the development of the rationale behind the agency’s funding recommendations, preliminary expected outcomes, and recommendations.
  14. Stay involved on a year round basis in relation to United Way, your Resource Management team, and the agencies.
  15. Give your colleagues the opportunity to freely express their issues and concerns regarding an agency and respect those viewpoints by keeping them confidential within the Resource Management team.
Be Prepared for Feedback Conference By:
  1. Working with the United Way to schedule this conference with the agency.
  2. Being prepared to lead the Feedback Conference.
  3. Sharing with the agency your team’s recommendation and provide the agency with immediate feedback regarding preliminary funding rationale.
  4. Reaching consensus on expected program outcomes and any other follow-up issues.
  5. Keep United Way abreast of any emerging issues or red flags resulting from your contact with the agency.
Year-round Activities May Involve:
Attending Resource Management team/agency meetings as needed throughout the year. Team meetings will keep you abreast of issues affecting agencies assigned to the team. Agency meetings will enable you to follow-up on outstanding issues/concerns. Attending agency annual meetings, open house, etc.
Team Member Qualifications:
  1. Interest in and commitment to the non-profit community, particularly health and human services and United Way.
  2. A United Way contributor.
  3. Ability to attend all meetings and functions as necessary.
  4. Resource Management volunteers are encouraged to serve for a three-year term. This will enable teams to have a mix of new and experienced volunteers, which promotes continuity.
Time Requirement:
Approximately 40-50 hours per year exclusive of travel and preparation time. This may vary depending upon the number of agencies applying for funding through your Resource Management team. Most of the time is concentrated in the spring with some additional work in the fall.